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John and Anna SosenkoFamily Tree of:
John and Anna Sosenko
Married October 28, 1922

John F Sosenko, Born November 13, 1899
In Forrest City, Susquehanna County, PA
He was the son of
John Sosenko, Born in Austria, and
Stephanie Tyakowna Sosenko, Born in Poland

Sara Anna Platt, Born October 25, 1905
In New Albany, Bradford County, PA
She was the daughter of
Joseph F Platt of PA And
Minnie Mae Platt of PA

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Group Picture of All Ten Children of John and Anna Sosenko


John Francis Sosenko 6/29/23 Oldest son
Virginia Campbell 8/23/ Daughter-in-law
Jack Dennis Sosenko 2/20/43 Grandson
Joan Brown Sosenko 4/2/48 X Granddaughter-
Jackie Ranae Sosenko
1/10/66 Great Grand-
Robert W Laman III 7/29/67 Great Grandson-
Nicole Ranae Laman 2/27/85 Great Great
Amanda Marie Laman 5/21/86 Great Great
Jenni Lynn Laman 6/25/88 Great Great
Dustin Robert Laman 7/29/92 Great Great
Jody Marie Steen
11/22/66 Great Grand-
Richard Coleman
Great Grandson-
Nathan Richard Coleman 7/6/86 Great Great
Harly David Steen 10/8/90 Great Great
Haley Marie Steen 6/17/94 Great Great
David James Sosenko 6/21/68 Great Grandson
Diseased 9/5/1987
William (Bill) LaVern
10/3/70 Great Grandson
Jennifer Gillette Mother of
Alisia Ann
Alisia Ann Sosenko 12/28/93 Great Great
Trista Mother of Kiah
Kiah Klenotiz Sosenko 2/23/94 Great Great
Kathy Snyder 7/10/61 Granddaughter-
Justin Louis Sosenko 8/7/87 Great Grandson
Virginia (Ginna) Lee
Sosenko Trendowski
1/6/45 Granddaughter
Roger Trendowski 3/15/48 Grandson-in-law
Jennifer Lee Trendowski 6/21/76 Great Grand-
Carissa Lynn Trendowski 4/16/79 Great Grand-
Lindsay Anne Trendowski 9/21/81 Great Grand-

Alice Marion Sosenko Wiktorek Welsby 9/6/24 Daughter
Henry (Hank) Wiktorek 5/25/24 Son-in-law
Harriet Wiktorek Monkovich 4/5/44 Granddaughter
Steve Monkovich 10/18/42 Grandson-in-law
Robert Steven Monkovich 9/8/68 Great Grandson
Marcy Monkovich Great Granddaughter-in-law
Anthony Monkovich Great Great Grandson
Marie Louise (Monkovich) Tyler 7/31/79  Great Granddaughter
Christopher Skellett Tyler 7/11/75 Great Grandson
Alexsis Marie Tyler 7/8/96  Great Great Granddaughter
Christopher Micheal Tyler 9/2/98  Great Great Grandson
Emily Ann Tyler
4/19/02  Great Great Granddaughter          
Loretta H Wiktorek Skrzypek 12/7/50 Granddaughter
Arthur M (Butch) Skrzypek 7/6/48
Carrie A Brunnabend  Divorced 8/1/68 Great Granddaughter
Chandler C Brunnabend 9/26/88 Great-Great Grandson
Coleen M Skrzypek 11/9/80 Great Granddaughter
Henry Joseph Wiktorek 12/31/56 Grandson
Judy Elizabeth Downs Wiktorek 11/10/56 Granddaughter-in-law
Holly Nichol Wiktorek 4/21/86 Great Granddaughter
Ashley Elizabeth Wiktorek 4/12/90 Great Granddaughter
Brenda Louise Green Johnson Wiktorek 11/30/61 Granddaughter-in-law
Brandy Carol Johnson 9/19/83 Step Great Granddaughter

Joseph Robert Sosenko 5/24/27  Son
Mary Ann Miller Sosenko 10/15/29 Daughter-in-law
Marianne Sosenko Callaway 6/9/49 Granddaughter
Edward (Ed) Callaway 10/4/46 Grandson-in-law
Edward Gordon Callaway III 7/18/77 Great Grandson
Joseph Robert Callaway 12/22/82 Great Grandson
Robin Diane Sosenko Phillips 9/21/64 Granddaughter
John Patrick Phillips 11/23/63 Grandson-in-law
Jonathon Andrew Phillips 3/31/88 Great Grandson

Teresa Rose Sosenko Hawker 1/15/32 daughter
Jimmy Hawker 11/13/30 X Son-in-law
Christine Eve Hawker 12/24/52 Grandaughter
Nathan Daniel Chaffee Great Grandson
Matthew Isiah Crawford Great Grandson
James Bryon Hawker 8/27/55 Grandson
Brittany Nicole Hawker 12/25/86 Great Grandaughter
James Byron Hawker, jr. 9/16/88 Great Grandson
William Matthew Hawker 1/29/61 Grandson
Cheri Ann Hawker 9/7/64 Grandaughter-in-law
William Matthew Hawker, Jr. 9/5/88 Great Grandson
Bradley Thomas Hawker 7/8/90 Great Grandson
Nicole Rose Hawker 6/7/94 Great Grandaughter

Lewis Sosenko Born at 3:15 A.M. 4/8/34 Lewis lived for only about 20 minutes.  He died of Pulminary Ateleclosis

Margaret Ann Sosenko Osborne 6/30/35  Daughter
Patrick Harold Osborne Sr.(Danny) 5/30/33 X Son-in-law
Patrick Harold Osborne Jr. 9/2/56 Grandson
Maureen Ann Burke Osborne     2/3/1967 Grandaughter-in-law
Shannon Marie, Divorced X Grandaughter-in-law
Ashley Lauren Osborne 7/25/90 Great Grandaughter
Erich Timothy Osborne 2/18/64 Grandson

Paul Edward Sosenko 8/14/37  Son
Frances Rose 4/25/37 Daughter-in-law
Frances Sosenko Hartnett 11/26/60 Grandaughter
Timothy Patrick Hartnett
Timothy James Hartnett 11/2/89 Great Grandson
Thomas Paul Hartnett 7/19/93 Great Grandson
Paul Edward Sosenko jr. 11/6/62 Grandson
Christine, Sosenko Ross 12/31/70 Grandaughter
Gene Ross Grand Son-in-law
Kristina Great Grandaughter
Mary Jane Sosenko Turock 1/19/39  Daughter
George Stephen Turock      5/  /1935 Son-in-law
Michelle Ann, Teresa 10/6/70 Grandaughter

James Lewis Sosenko 2/15/41 4th Son
Lorraine 7/26/45 Daughter-in-law
James Lewis Sosenko 6/7/65 Grandson
Maria Sosenko X Grandaughter-in-law
James Joel Sosenko
10/5/91 Great Grandson
Joey Sosenko 10/30/93 Great Grandson
Georgia Sosenko Grand Daughter-in-law
Cathy Ann Sosenko 7/2/66 Grandaughter
Ray Shoults 2/14/67 X-Grandson-in-law
Matthew  Shoults 1/5/93 Great Grandson
Wendy Marie Sosenko La Vea 7/30/67 Grandaughter
Gene La Vea 1/27/64 Grandson-in-law
John La Vea 4/17/87 Great grandson
Jessica La Vea* 8/18/83 Great Grandaughter
Barry Hurlbut* Great Grandson-in-law
Chloe Marie Hurlbut* 1/9/02 Great-Great Grandaughter            >>
Mary Jane Sosenko Gandino 1/1/69 Grandaughter
Anthony Gandino 10/5/68 Grandson-in-law
Anthony Gandino 12/9/92 Great Grandson
Timothy Gandino 3/20/97 Great Grandson
John Francis Sosenko 6/4/71 Grandson

Pete Patrick Sosenko 4/21/44 5th Son
Dorothy Marie
2/28/47 Daughter-in-law
Dorothy Ann Sosenko Wheeler 1/8/65 Grandaughter
Jerry Wheeler Grandson-in-law
Patricia Ann Wheeler   11 /  /1982 Great Granddaughter
Austin Wayne Wheeler  11 /  /2000 Great Great Grandson
Rhealene Wheeler    /  /1986 Great Grandaughter
Jerry Pete Wheeler     /  /1988 Great Grandson
 Peter Lewis Sosenko 3/1/67 Grandson
Lori Sosenko Grandaughter-in-law
Katie Sosenko Great Grandaughter
Karley Sosenko Great Grandaughter

Stella Louise Sosenko Trencansky 3/7/48 5th Daughter
Richard  Trencansky       4/  / son-in-law
Richard  (Butch) Trencansky 9/12/66 Grandson
Chris Trencansky Grandaughter -in-law
Renee Trencansky Great Grandaughter
Heather Trencansky Great Grandaughter
Carol Ann Trencansky Roache 8/23/70 Grandaughter
Timothy Roache Grandson-in-law
Taylor Roache Great Granddaughter
Tristen Roache Great Grandson
Dillon Roache Great Grandson
Devon Richard Roache 10/23/02 Great Grandson
Kathy Ann Trencansky Grandaughter